BTL Aesthetics SA recently celebrated 5 years in South Africa

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BTL Aesthetics SA recently
celebrated 5 years in South Africa!

It is delighted to introduce a number of new doctors who are
now offering its technologically advanced treatments.

Dr Baholo

 Biomolecular Rejuvenation Institute – Dr Baholo and Bridget Hall
With a background as a family physician, Dr Baholo ably translated her extensive medical experience into effective patient care.

She incorporates the latest scientific research of integrative and functional medicine into her practice, and uniquely applies her acquired knowledge to the specific patient?s needs. She assesses all aspects of the patient, from both a clinical and lifestyle perspective, as a basis for re-establishing health systems and function within the patient, thereby encouraging the body?s own self-repair mechanisms.

Bridget Hall

With extensive knowledge of the mechanisms of repair, founded uponDNA-based research projects, and armed with the mechanics of quantum physics-based DNA systems. Bridget has extensive knowledge in biotechnology which works as stated: for healing, repair and the prevention of disease in the human body and other biological system, which are used in conjunction with the Health & Wellness, Aesthetics, and Slimming Programmes.
The Aesthetics Centre – Dr Jenni Irvine

Dr Jenni Irvine has been actively engaged in the field of Aesthetics Medicine since 2006, launching The Aesthetics Centre in the same year. In 2012 she was one of the first South African Medical Practitioners ever to have attained Board Certification with the prestigious American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr Jenni  has also been a member of the Allergan Medical Aesthetics Academy since its inception in 2012. She was recently approached by Allergan to act as a Local Country Mentor in South Africa for their Academy, a position reserved for a select few Medical Practitioners who are recognised as having achieved a high level of competence in the field.


Dr Jenni Irvine

Dr Jenni has been a Trainer with the Allergan Medical Aesthetics Academy in the fields of Advanced Botulinum Toxin A and Dermal Filler use since 2008, and also trains medical practitioners in the field of Assisted Liposuction using both Nd-Yag laser and Radiofrequency. She has recently been elected onto the Executive of the AAMSSA (Anti-aging and Aesthetic Medicine Society of South Africa), and is a regular speaker on the topics of Palliative Health Care and Aesthetic Medicine. Dr Jenni is the Medical Director of Hospice East Rand and provides medical support to Shady Pines, a private Parkinson and Alzheimer?s? Care Facility

Dr Gavin Zipp

Zipp Health ? Dr Gavin Zipp
Dr Gavin Zipp qualified as a Medical Doctor in 1983, he has been in General Practice since 1987, he focuses on general family medicine and has over 10 000 patients.
Weight loss has been as huge part of his practice for many years and includes numerous celebrities and ex- Miss South Africa?s.Smoking cessation is also a big focus and he has patients coming to see him from all over the Continent.Dr Gavin Zipp uses ?Zippquit? which is an adaptation of the Ear Acupuncture of Dr Paul Nogier.He also practices Aesthetic Medicine and has much experience in botulinum toxin injectables, fillers, threading etc

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