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Keeping your skin in good condition,
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It?s Spring. Let?s put your skin back on track.

EXFOLIATION ? A good time to exfoliate, refine and brighten winter skin and treat yourself to a professional exfoliation (find a therapist) for  advice on what your skin’s needs are.

CLEANSING – Double cleanse in the evenings to rid your skin of impurities and oily build up. Start with  Cream or Sensitive Cleanser to bind with make-up and accumulated oiliness. Follow up with Gel or Refining Cleanser for a deeper, detoxing cleanse. Massage your skin during this process, it will stimulate circulation, releasing toxins and delivering oxygen to your cells. In the morning – a simple cleanse will do the trick.

MOISTURISING – For Springtime, less is more. Although you don’t want to reduce your skin’s hydration, you’ll need less of that ‘richness’ it craved in winter. Experiment by easing off to a lighter moisturiser and follow up with a toner for hydration and anti-oxidant protection.

TREATMENTS – A serum boost is a welcome addition to any routine so try something special with the Esse Plus serums. The Repair Oil is a first-aid essential for the months ahead to repair skin that might get a little too sun-kissed.


Your skin notices the change in the air. Chapped lips, dryness and a general desire to up the oiliness / hydration.

EXFOLIATION – This step will prepare the skin to absorb more moisture and nutrition, enhancing the value of your skincare treatment. Treat yourself to a professional exfoliation during autumn (find a therapist) and get advice for your skin type’s special needs in winter.

CLEANSING – During these months, make the most of your skin’s oil production and cleanse only at night. A cream-based cleanser will remove make-up and oily build-up in the evenings, in the morning, simply rinse with warm water and dry with a cotton cloth before toning and moisturising.

MOISTURINSING – You’ll feel it, your skin will suddenly ask for more … step up your winter routine with a richer moisturiser. Apply moisturiser onto damp skin to increase the hydration levels – all of Esse’s moisturisers contain Hyaluronic Acid, capable of holding many times it’s weight in water and delivering it to the lower layers of the skin.

TREATMENTS – Intensive skin treatments in the form of serums or masks are most valuable at the change of seasons. Use serums under your moisturiser in the evening and allow them to work while you rest. Try out one of the Esse Plus Serums for anti-ageing benefits that offer tangible results within 30 days.

Feel instant relief with the Esse Cream Mask to nourish and even out pigmentation and darker spots (It’s loaded with Vitamin C and packs a punch on the nourishment side too).

LIP TIP – in winter, your lips need some special care. Use your favourite Esse eye care treatment in the evenings around the edges of your lips and keep a Lip Conditioner on hand throughout the day to nourish and lock in moisture.

We are here to help – if you have questions or would like some advice, you can mail us any time on and we’ll get one of our experienced therapists to share their knowledge with you.

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