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Are you wanting to make your lips fuller?

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Are you looking to make you lips fuller?

Conquest Aesthetics tells you how…

Lip enlargement is achieved through a variety of procedures including fat injection, dermal fat graft, Alloderm and V-Y lip advancement. Each approach has advantages and disadvantages.

Determining which approach is best for you is achieved by learning a little about each alternative and clarifying your objectives. Consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon for his or her evaluation and expert recommendations would help determine exactly which plan is best for you.

Fat Injections:
Some patients receive fat injections when the goal is to treat multiple areas, such as the lips and smile lines. The fat is obtained from another area of the body (typically the abdomen) through a very small, hidden incision. Therefore, the minimal donor site is cosmetically acceptable and healing time is minimal.

Unlike collagen, which is totally reabsorbed in six to eight months, 30-50% of the fat injected is permanent. Although uncommon, in some patients the fat can be totally reabsorbed. Rarely is the fat reabsorbed asymmetrically

Dermal Fat Graft:
In a dermal fat graft procedure, a thin strip of skin and fat is threaded through a tiny incision at each corner of the mouth. This approach is typically used if there is skin left over from a simultaneous plastic surgery procedure such as a facelift. However, a dermal fat graft can also be performed as an independent procedure (typically a low abdomen donor site) and is sometimes requested if fat reabsorbed from a previous fat injection.

With a dermal fat graft more of fat survives because the dermis (skin) acts in a similar fashion as a skin graft and nourishes the fat. Therefore, the likelihood of the fat surviving long-term is better. Disadvantages include a separate donor incision if not performed simultaneously with another plastic surgery procedure where skin is left over.

Unfortunately, dermal fat grafts are contraindicated in people with thick, heavy hair growth in donor areas. Dermal fat grafts can also have upwards of 30-50% re-absorbtion when final results are evaluated at one year’s time.

V-Y Lip Advancement:
V-Y lip advancement is typically reserved for patients who want the maximal amount of result with a permanent correction. Small incisions are made inside (under) the lip and then closed in a fashion that rolls the lip outward a bit.

One advantage of the V-Y Lip Advancement procedure is no donor site. Patients are educated ahead of time to a temporary disadvantage; the lips can feel tight and for several months.
V-Y lip advancement procedures result in more swelling, which takes about four weeks to resolve.
Final results are assessed at one year.
Will fat transplantation improve smile lines and wrinkles around my mouth?

One of the most common requests from patients is for fat transplantation into smile lines. It’s a less invasive procedure and uses an individuals own tissue for cosmetic improvement. Fat injection is one of several ways to address smile lines and lip wrinkles. However, if smile lines are due to excess skin and muscle laxity, fat injection surgery will not replace the benefits of a facelift (removal of excess skin). One of the most commonly requested procedures is to harvest fat with neck liposuction during a facelift for injection into smile lines and lips.

For superficial wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth, one could combine fat injection with a skin resurfacing procedure. Skin resurfacing is the removal of the outer layer of the skin – using dermabrasion, chemicals or laser – resulting in smoother, younger-looking skin with fewer wrinkles. Skin resurfacing is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures because often the results enhance one’s natural beauty and result in a more youthful appearance.

For patients who want improvement in their smile lines and area around the lips but aren’t ready for plastic surgery, alternative options - Toxin and Filler are just two of the many ways to maximize your beauty temporarily for a special event or until you are ready for plastic surgery.

TEOSYAL KISS – New Formulation for Lip enhancement and rejuvenation.

TEOSYAL KISS is perfectly designed to ensure that your results are long-lasting, natural and safe! Studies show excellent patient satisfaction: 94% of patients would recommend a treatment with KISS New Formulation and 82% would do it again! TEOSYAL Kiss also contains lidocaine which means that it is now comfortable to have a lip treatment.

 JHB: T: 011 706 2518  F: 011 706 5379   E:  
CT: T: 021 556 4199   F: 021 556 4199  E: 
Durb: T: 031 568 2640   F: 086 658 8770   E:

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