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                                              launching March 2016!

What’s happening in Africa?
 Africa already has a $1.8 trillion economy and is forecast to have a population of 1.3 billion by 2020. ‘Lion’ economies such as Ghana and Rwanda have grown faster than South Korea, Taiwan and other East Asian ‘tiger’ economies in five of the past seven years. But doing business in Africa isn’t for the faint hearted – it has its own unique set of challenges and rules that can be particularly difficult to surmount.  In this launch edition of PHARMACEUTICAL & COSMETIC REVIEW AFRICA, we examine what’s really happening in the manufacturing industry in Africa: where the market is; who’s the market; and what should local companies be doing to capitalise on it? We speak to some of the main players who are making waves on the continent and will be covering the following features in this launch edition.

Colour cosmetics
The success of certain colour cosmetics brands in African countries like Nigeria, Kenya and Ivory Coast can be attributed to the special attention manufacturers and brand owners pay to formulation, packaging, pricing, distribution and above all, quality. Although the colour cosmetics segment is traditionally a large category in many African countries, particularly Nigeria, it is still far from mature. This is due to the low incomes of many women. Increased urbanisation and its impact on awareness, as well as the increase in formal employment for women are giving rise to new opportunities for growth in the facial make-up category in particular. In this feature, we will discuss products

and solutions for colour applications that are set to increase the scope and development of good quality, yet affordable colour cosmetics in various African countries.
Hair care
 Much like the international cosmetics market, consumer behaviour in Africa is also undergoing changes. According to Diagonal Reports, the rise of the need for more natural solutions in African hair care is having a profound impact on a market traditionally dominated by chemicals. This development is believed to be here to stay because it is underpinned by a deep worldwide consumer shift away from harsh chemicals in personal care, combined with rejection of long-established chemical relaxers in certain African countries. While it’s highly unlikely that relaxing will be eliminated any time soon, consumer preferences are definitely driving changes in products formulated to control/manage curls, and on less invasive hair straighteners. P&C AFRICA will look at new developments in hair care ingredients, the natural and organic trend in the hair care segment, and innovations in safer/less invasive relaxer technologies.

According to Africa Business Jumpstart, an online community forum for doing business in Africa, African consumers who have more spending power not only to buy more, but to also make purchasing decisions based on quality. It is important for FMCG producers to place enough emphasis on the sourcing of effective raw materials and ingredients as well as quality packaging if they want to appeal to a more affluent mass market. The ingredients feature in P&C AFRICA will reveal the latest information on products and solutions from suppliers and manufacturers of raw materials, both European and South African based. Industry players are invited to share their news.
Pharmaceutical focus: Supply chain & distribution
 A report by McKinsey & Company entitled Africa: A continent of opportunity for pharma patients, states that the value of Africa’s pharmaceutical industry shot to US$20.8 billion in 2013 from just US$4.7 billion a decade earlier, and will be worth US$40 billion to US$65 billion by 2020. It also reports that between 2013 and 2020 prescription drugs are forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of six per cent in Africa, generics at nine per cent, over-the-counter medicines at six per cent, and medical devices at 11 per cent. This good news means increased opportunities in the logistics and transportation of medicines across Africa. However, some of the common challenges reported by suppliers include ensuring temperature-controlled environments are in accordance with Good Distribution Practice regulations, maintaining cost efficiencies, trade compliance and regulations, and innovation for continuous improvement. This feature will draw on the expertise of leading logistics companies, showcasing their products and solutions to overcome the aforementioned challenges.
 At P&C AFRICA, we understand that even the most innovative health and beauty products are worthless without the right packaging. For this reason, our packaging focus will explore packaging solutions, trends and concepts prevalent to markets in Africa. All suppliers of finished packs, packaging materials, equipment, machinery and related services are welcome to send news about the products they offer. We look forward to featuring your solutions, whether you supply to convertors or product manufacturers and brand owners in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, personal care and home care industries.

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