Elite Health, Beauty and Slimming SPA
Cell: 083 346 1905
E-Mail: healthspab@gmail.com
Website: www.aiyellow.com/elitehealthspa/
Postal Address:
Pat Mc Clure House
106 Webber Road Germiston
Ekurhuleni, Lambton, Gauteng

A natural wellness and slimming spa in Lambton that offers the following:

~ Meridian (acupoint) check-up by computerised device
 ~ Body Shape - Slimming treatments, Body assessments, Eating Plan, Personal Training
Instant Fat Reduction:  Lipolysis Messotherapy NEEDLE FREE injections

 ~ Ultrasound Cavitation
 ~ Cellulite Reduction

 ~ Skin Rejuvenation

 ~ Skin Firming and Tightening

 ~ Anti Ageing Wrinkle Reduction: 
    Radio frequency regenerates collagen

 ~ Personal Trainer / Biokinesiology
 ~ Far Infra Ray Therapy
 ~ CHI and E-Power Therapy
 ~ Body Profile - body wrap
 ~ E-Lift Facial -painless face lift (no needles)

 ~ Micro Needling collagen reproduction, wrinkles,
    pigmentation, acne scaring other scarring)

 ~ Permanent Make up

 ~ Facial Threading

 ~ Hot Stone Massage

 ~ Lymph Drainage

 ~ Inversion Therapy

 ~ Natural Supplements, weight loss and
    Herbalife products

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