Oncology Aesthetics Foundation Training
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E-Mail: info@oti-oncologytraining.com
Website: www.oti-oncologytraining.com

Oncology Training International empowers wellness and esthetics practitioners to positively impact the lives of cancer patients with compassion and healing.

Oncology Training International has pioneered training programs to complement traditional skincare, spa, and wellness therapies, and is now the world leader in its field with an international reputation for innovation and revolutionary instruction methods.

OTI Oncology Esthetics® Training
Oncology Esthetics Training is designed to educate the wellness professional about cancers and cancer treatments, discovering how to identify individual challenges and how to address them in the spa or clinic setting.

Experts deliver thorough instruction and hands-on training in intensive three-day certification programs that include ten modules.

Who Can Benefit From Oncology Aesthetics Training?
Any clinic, spa or salon currently providing aesthetics treatments and who would have the opportunity to serve clients with cancer can benefit for your oncology esthetics training program.


This might include a manicurist, a massage therapist, a skincare specialist or spa director – or any kind of wellness practitioner.

Our training and specialized programs will help you and your staff understand the esthetics and skin care needs of clients with cancer, overcome the challenges in treating them, and allow you to treat them properly, compassionately and with good end results.

Training will take place from time to time in South Africa.

Email us for further information and visit our website.

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