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The 4 Pillars of Anti Ageing

With the images of near perfection portrayed in magazines and in the movies, normal women have a distorted perception of what they’re supposed to look like, putting unhealthy and unrealistic expectations on themselves.

Society also unfortunately responds better to good-looking people, and even though we do feel more confident when we look our best, it can be damaging to strive to become someone else in the process, whereas being the best version of ourselves is a much healthier approach.

Dr. Maureen Allem, founder and medical director of Skin Renewal, says: “It is important to understand that a glowing, youthful complexion is part of a holistic approach. Being healthy on the inside will naturally show on the outside.”

She always takes time to explain to her patients that there are 4 pillars to anti-ageing, with all of them being equally important.

Pillar 1

The first pillar to a younger you is a healthy Iifestyle. The entire system works together in harmony, and no issue can be treated in isolation.

A healthy lifestyle consists of the following:

  • A well balanced diet
  • Lots of water
  • Regular exercise
  • Enough restorative, deep sleep
  • Managing stress levels

All of these factors contribute to being healthy, and when the body is healthy, the skin will reflect that too.


Pillar 2

The second pillar is the correct usage of injectables, such Botox, Dermal fillers and Threads.

These treatments address the formation of wrinkles, loss of volume and sagging skin and even though wrinkles and volume loss can be reversed, it is always better to prevent these before they set in.

Botox show excellent results in the removal of lines and wrinkles, whereas fillers allow for subtle contouring of the profile and threads tightens the skin without cutting.

Even though these treatments have now been around for well over a decade, it is still associated with a frozen expression. This is a misconception, which only appears in extreme cases. It is therefor important to visit a doctor that regularly does these treatments, with lots of experience for these treatments.


Pillar 3

The third pillar is addressing the condition of one’s skin. This includes a smooth and even texture, reduced pore size and a glowing complexion.

The ideal treatments to get best results are chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser treatments and skin needling, or ideally a combination thereof.

The aim is to boost and stimulate collagen, as the natural production thereof decreases as one ages. The effect of these treatments are accumulative, therefor one shouldn’t underestimate the importance of regular treatments.

A healthy looking, glowing skin is a major step to a younger looking you, and it is important to not only address the face, but to make sure that the hands and décolleté are also maintained.


Pillar 4

The fourth pillar is to ensure a good home care regime. Being disciplined at home with a routine in the morning and evening will show the results.

It is best to invest in products suitable for your skin type. Your doctor would know the condition of your skin and would therefor be able to recommend products best suited to your skin type.

Products with active ingredients that penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin are best, and are typically found in medical skin care ranges.


To find out more about maintaining a youthful appearance with the 4 pillars, visit the Skin Renewal website on or contact 0861 754 672.