Coverderm Filteray Sunblock

Physical versus chemical sunscreen filters.  Both can provide effective protection. Whereas physical filters reflect or scatter the sun’s rays, chemical formulations filter radiation so that fewer rays reach the deeper levels of the skin.

Physical sunscreen filters do not penetrate the skin, they work like mirrors forming a protective layer on the skin that reflect and scatter the full spectrum of damaging UV radiation not just certain wavelengths.  It is often referred to as a physical block or sun block. Physical filters are very photo-stable, which means they remain effective when exposed to sunlight. They also tend to be more water resistant than products with chemical filters.

Chemical sunscreens penetrate the skin but fewer rays reach the deeper levels. Depending on the formulation these products can protect against the full spectrum of damaging UV radiation, be photo-stable and water-resistant. They are generally referred to as sun screens.

Coverderm Filteray provides safe and effective protection against UVA, UVB and IR rays. The products are highly water resistant, have photo-stable physical and chemical filters and are long-lasting. The range includes products specially formulated for the face or body, and the face range include tinted products. There are also after sun care products for both face and body.

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