Doctor Eckstein Azulen Paste and Azulen Paste Tinted

Doctor Eckstein Azulen Paste and Azulen Paste Tinted

Azulen Paste is by far the most well-known Doctor Eckstein product globally. If you google it you’ll see an overwhelming majority of good reviews and product recommendations for this humble little tub of greenish/grey paste.


What is Azulen Paste?

Azulen Paste is a highly concentrated paste for the spot treatment of impurities and blemishes; many people call these zits or pimples! It improves the skin’s own natural healing abilities and calms the affected areas. It also helps to reduce redness and swelling after the removal of impurities. With regular use you will see an improvement in healing time for skin impurities and blemishes

Azulen Paste contains azulene, vitamin B complex, vitamins A and E, allantoin, shale oil and zinc oxide. Azulene, which is derived from chamomile flowers, calms the affected areas, the other ingredients help to reduce redness and accelerate healing, dry up impurities, promote scar-free skin regeneration and disinfect blemishes.



Apply Azulen Paste directly to blemishes and impurities after washing and toning your face at night. The grey/green colour does stand out, so it’s best used at night, but please avoid your best white linen when using it. The paste should be applied quit thickly. During the day, the paste can be applied thinly to help continue treatment of the affected areas and the grey/green tinge helps to disguise redness. However, a better option for the day time is the tinted version of Azulen Paste which is now available.


Tinted Azulen Paste

This new tinted version of Azulen Paste has the benefits of regular Azulen Paste with a more natural colour so it helps to hide blemishes and blend with your natural skin tone during the day. It also comes in a convenient pump bottle.

These well-priced products last a fairly long time as you only apply them locally and they can truly save the day! I know many people who grew up using Azulen Paste and who are now buying it for their teens who are navigating their way through puberty and beyond.


Where can I buy it and how much does it cost?

Azulen Paste costs R248.00* and Azulen Paste tinted costs R304.00*. You can buy them from a number of salon stockists around South Africa or directly from the distributor. To find these please go to

*(Prices correct as at October 2017.)