How to treat hair loss at home

Every woman wants a full, glossy-looking head of hair but, unfortunately, it tends to get a little thinner as we get older, especially if we’re genetically predisposed. Still, you could experience an unwelcome loss of volume at any stage of life as there are lots of other causes for hair fall that range from a hormonal shift to a nutritional deficiency or illness. Even stress and dramatic, rapid weight loss can trigger hair thinning.

Treating hair loss at home

You only need to step into a mall to be confronted by a myriad of products all promising to lengthen, strengthen and speed up the growth of your hair but many are making false promises. Also, if you’re using a supplement to treat a nutritional deficiency you don’t have, you’re not going to get any joy. This is why, if you suspect your hair loss is a result of a deficiency, it’s important to make an appointment with a doctor.

At Health Renewal, our doctors can run tests to find out if you’re lacking in the nutrition department or suffering from an underlying illness that could result in thinning hair. Once the root cause has been established, you’ll be given a targeted ‘at home action plan’ that will most likely include supplements but these will be proven to mitigate hair loss and encourage new hair growth. These supplements range from single nutraceuticals to MSM (a sulphur compound that forms bonds which strengthen hair and encourage growth). No crazy claims, just science!

The Renewal Institute also has its own brand of supplements too, including the power duo that is Body Renewal Hair Loss Pack consisting of an Opti Nutrition shake and Hair Plus Caps containing everything you need for optimal hair growth.

Topical treatments can deliver fantastic results too and are good options for anyone dealing with genetic hair thinning. Minoxidil, for example, is a spritz-on elixir that helps widen your hair follicles for thicker strands. It also prolongs your hair’s growth phase so it and encourages more follicles to be active at the same time. The result? Thicker-looking hair that’s growing all at once!

Pelo Baum is another cleverly formulated range containing a particular mix of peptides and vitamins as well as amino and nucleic acids. Together, they work to encourage blood flow to your scalp, promote hair growth that’s healthier and stronger and block the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that stimulates hair growth.

Our doctors can also prescribe a medication like finasteride (sold under the brand name Propecia) that also blocks the conversion of testosterone into DHT.

The long and short of it

Like we said, minimising hair loss and improving the quality of your hair at home is entirely possible provided you get expert advice. A good doctor can help you figure out what’s causing your hair fall and point you in the direction of well-formulated supplements, proven topical treatments and even prescription medication.

At The Renewal Institute we take a 3D approach to dealing with hair loss so we might suggest in-office treatments too to ensure the best results. These could range from carboxytherapy and mesotherapy to Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) and even a Hair Loss and Hair Growth IV infusion treatment.

Either way, the sooner you take action the better your results so don’t delay. Start fighting hair fall the moment you feel you’re discovering more hairs in your brush than you’d like and a thicker, healthier-looking head of hair can be yours to enjoy once more.