Intro to Doctor Eckstein

Doctor Eckstein South Africa under new distributorship

This well-loved botanical brand is back on the local skincare scene and is more diverse than ever. The trusted and uncompromising quality of this natural German brand is well-known by many, especially as the maker of the ever-popular blemish cream Azulen Paste.

This brand is once again readily available throughout South Africa. Many of the products are vegan and paraben-free and so meet the strict requirements of discerning skin care therapists and clients. Under new distributorship, this brand is already gaining ground in the local skincare scene and attracting new fans.

Despite the fact that this high quality, European brand is imported, it is available in South Africa at a very competitive price point. It is a high-end salon brand that caters for 10 different skin types, so it really can meet the needs of all clients. The variety of products means that every individual can meet the exact needs of their skin at each time of the year and time of their life. The needs of one’s skin constantly change, and so too should one’s skincare regime.

Doctor Eckstein BioKosmetik was established in 1949 in Germany as a family-run business, and it is still run by the Eckstein family; with an uncompromising focus on quality.

With over 65 years of innovation and research-based manufacturing and development processes we have products that are used every day for a lifetime. We pledge to bring service and delivery to our customers and plan on nurturing relationships with our stockists.


Bevinn King
Director of Morenga Cosmetics Pty Ltd
Importer and distributor of Doctor Eckstein products in South Africa
Tel: 011-807 8224