Pigmentation and scarring? Fraxel Dual is the laser you’ve been waiting for

Lauded for it’s great results, Fraxel Dual is now the hottest laser on the block, but we’ve also got Kim Kardashian to thank for it. The selfie queen swears by its collagen-stimulating benefits to keep her complexion Instagram-perfect. Another celebrity fan is actress Courtney Cox who told talk show host Ellen Degeneres that she got the treatment on her hands and absolutely loved the results.

New and improved

Not all Fraxel lasers are created equally so before you sign up you need to know what’s being used. Fraxel Refine or Clear and Brilliant are ‘mild’ versions of the laser that provided a superficial treatment. Another older version, called Fraxel Repair, is a CO2 laser that can help those with heavier lines or scarring but isn’t ideal for those with darker skin.

At Skin Renewal we have the latest and greatest version and that’s Fraxel Dual. It has two different settings – one that’s more superficial to target pigmentation and fine lines and another that penetrates deeper to tackle scarring and wrinkles. Can you use both settings at the same time? Sure! Better yet, it can be safely used on every shade of skin colour.

Are you a candidate?

The ideal Fraxel Dual candidate has any of the following – wrinkles, irregular texture, pigmentation, scarring (be it due to acne or otherwise), sun damage and benign pigmented lesions like dermatosis papulosa nigra (DPN) or ‘age spots’.

While the majority of Fraxel Dual patients are older, there’s nothing stopping a teen who’s endured a bout of acne and now wants to improve the scars it’s left behind from benefitting.

Know your ‘prep’ and ‘post’

A few weeks before treatment you’ll have to stop using any active products like retinol and AHAs and avoid unprotected sun exposure. After the treatment you’ll have to avoid sun exposure completely for at least three months and shouldn’t swim or sweat excessively (this means no exercising) for at least a week. Many of these factors make the cooler months the most ideal for a Fraxel Dual treatment.

Straight after treatment your skin might appear pink or red and feel like it’s sunburned. Later, as the week goes on, you’ll take on a ‘bronzed’ appearance and this will give way to flaking. If you’re using the superficial setting this will be mild but if you signed up for a more intensive treatment you can expect a slightly extended cycle. Either way, you can still wear post-treatment make-up like Lycogel right after your treatment to reduce the sunburned look and help speed up the healing process.

What are you waiting for?

If you’d like to experience the fabulosity of Fraxel Dual make an appointment with one of the doctors at Skin Renewal. They can assess your situation and suggest the best laser for the job. If it’s the Fraxel Dual you’ll find it’s a part of several of our solutions packages including the Pigmentation & Sun Damage and Scarring & Stretchmark options.

For best results, you’ll require between three to five treatments but most Fraxel Dual patients will tell you that the results are most definitely worth it.