Radiant Healthcare’s Plasmatek- Well priced and CE medically approved.

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Plasmatek WirelessThe constant request of a portable surgical device that is versatile and dynamic, lead us to launch and distribute the Plasmatek wireless.

The Plasmatek Wireless is a new conception device, extremely simple and totally wireless only to be used by experts in field of dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

This medical device presents good usability, it is completely unplugged from mains and it is useful to be used as a support for other equipment in specialists practices of:

• Palpebrals ptosis correction in
case of medium or light entity

• Soft Lifting of excess skin

• Skin hyperchromias

• Periumbelical striae expanses

• Warts, fibromas. verrucae.
xantolasmas, naevus

• Dyskeratosis, molluscum

• Scars correction
and more…

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