Skin Renewal – Rejuvenate your décolleté for summer

Does the thought of exposing your chest area this summer, be it in a bikini or a low cut top at a Christmas party leaves you with a feeling of dread? If so, you’re probably the perfect candidate for a décolleté rejuvenation. While getting rid of sun damage, ridding yourself of crepey skin and increasing its firmness might be an impossible ask of any neck cream, if you’re undergoing a series of state-of-the-art treatments at Body Renewal, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying a more youthful-looking chest area.

Damage done

Many women put so much emphasis on taking care of their face but few extend their skin care routine to below their chin. The result is a complexion that eventually looks younger than their neck and chest area and, unfortunately, the great disparity between the two areas only serves to highlight the problem further.

The signs of a prematurely ageing décolleté include vertical wrinkling, a loss of firmness, a crepe-y texture, splotchy pigmentation, broken blood vessels, age spots and permanently bronzed skin.

A 3D solution that works

At Body Renewal we’ve come to realise that the best way to tackle most conditions is with a 3D approach, targeting the problem from multiple angles instead of just one for the very best results. This is why we now offer an array of solutions packages that consist of not one but several treatments to address a multitude of conditions.

Thus, if you’re wanting to rejuvenate your décolletage area, you’ll appreciate our Body Rejuvenation Solutions. These range from our wonderfully preventative Basic solution that includes a hydrating mask and glycolic peel to help restore your chest area’s texture and tone all the way through to our Ultimate solution. The latter also makes use of a peel but includes skin needling, Laser Genesis Rejuvenation and Limelight laser treatments that help encourage your body to produce more collagen and minimise the appearance of pigmentation.

The package you choose will depend on the severity of your condition and our highly-skilled therapists will be able to help you pick the one that would suit you best. Your budget can also be taken into account but know that, as each solution is bundled and discounted, you will definitely be getting lot more value for your money.

To find out more about how you can rejuvenate your chest area with our new solutions packages, visit Body Renewal.