Renewal Institute – The best time to fight premature ageing is now

Everyone wants to look like the best version of themselves for longer and it’s most definitely possible. The key is to start early, investing in collagen-stimulating ‘starter’ aesthetic treatments as well as those that target the first signs of ageing. A little bit of care here and there while you’re young can go a long way towards avoiding having to do something more invasive later on if you’ve left taking good care of your skin until it’s almost too late.

Let’s talk about lasers

At Skin Renewal, you’ll find several completely painless laser and light treatments that don’t require any downtime and can deliver great results for any skin type or colour.

One such light treatment is Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) which uses visible as well as invisible light at varying wavelengths to target the deeper layers of your skin. The machine has various settings and, depending on which one you pick, you can use it to encourage the formation of collagen that, in turn, will soften the look of fine lines and improve skin tone. It’s also incredibly useful to anyone suffering from acne as it can stimulate wound healing and calm inflammation.

Laser Genesis Rejuvenation is another way to help kick start your body’s own collagen forming cells. It’s a myth that applying topical collagen can somehow penetrate your skin and attach to your own supply. The only thing that could do is hydrate, so if you want more of what gives your skin it’s elasticity and youthful-looking volume, you need to use collagen-stimulating ingredients that help your body’s own levels multiply. As collagen levels natural deplete as we get older, this is why it’s important to start young – when you still have more of it. Watering lots of ‘seeds’ now will produce more flowers than just the few that are left later on.

Another reason to love Laser Genesis? It also improves skin texture and refines pores while minimising the appearance of acne scars, redness and sallowness.

Ready to glow?

Fine lines and pigmentation are one of the first signs of ageing but if you keep them in check the moment they appear you don’t have to worry about them becoming entrenched later on. When that happens, they’ll be more difficult to treat. For this reason, in-office exfoliation is a secret weapon because, if done regularly, it can minimise the look of both concerns.

At Skin Renewal, we can exfoliate mechanically via microdermabrasion. The treatment involves blowing tiny crystals across your face with a jet stream of air and doesn’t hurt in the least. Afterwards, you’ll immediately notice that your skin looks more radiant and that your pores are more refined. And yes, after several treatments you’ll notice a softening of lines and pigmentation, provided it’s mild.

When it comes to exfoliating chemically, a great no downtime, ‘starter peel’ for anyone wanting to beat the very first signs of ageing is our beta hydroxy peel. It uses salicylic acid to loosen the bonds between dead skin cells so that they gently lift away and penetrate deep inside your pores to help them free of debris. One peel will immediately reveal a fresher-looking complexion but several can help minimise the appearance of fine lines, acne and pigmentation.

Special delivery

Applying a well-formulated topical anti-ageing treatment is always a good thing, but what if you could do so in a way that ensure its reaching the deeper layers of your skin to give you optimal bang for your buck? With transdermal mesotherapy it’s entirely possible.

Thanks to a dermoelectroporation technology, the transdermal mesotherapy device is able to use tiny electrical pulses and vibrations to deliver active ingredients deep into your skin via it’s microscopic water channels. Does it hurt? Nope, not at all! In fact, many Skin Renewal clients say it feels just like a relaxing facial massage!

At Skin Renewal, we often use transdermal mesotherapy on its own but encourage patients to experience it as an ‘add on’ after treatments like laser sessions, microdermabrasion or peels because this is when skin will be even more receptive to our rejuvenating solution. What’s in the mix? A special blend of proven collagen-encouraging ingredients and mega-moisturising hyaluronic acid to plump instantly as well as over time.

When all is said and done, the earlier you start addressing the first signs of ageing, the better and, with a little help from Skin Renewal, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying a more youthful-looking complexion for longer.