Yes, you can treat darker skin with lasers

It’s true. If you have a darker skin type, certain lasers will be off limits, but there are machines that work fantastically well on any skin type and a trained therapist or doctor can advise which would be best suited to you.

At Skin Renewal, thanks to our wide selection of light and laser machines, many of which are ‘colour blind’, we’re able to treat a host of concerns that range from wrinkles, sagging, pigmentation, acne, scarring and dullness in patients of all skin colour.

Choose smart

These are just a few of our machines that are perfectly safe to use on darker skin types.

The great multi-tasker

At Skin Renewal, Laser Genesis Rejuvenation has been used successfully for years to treat wrinkles, lax skin, acne, scarring and enlarged pores in many of our darker skin type patients with negative effects.

It’s also useful for improving the look of pigmentation. As it gently heats up the dermis, it causes cavitation bubbles that disrupt pigmentation, breaking it into small particles travel up towards the surface where it can be removed via exfoliation.

When used alongside carboxytherapy and skin needling, it can also minimise the appearance of stretchmarks and is particularly useful in treating keloid scars.

Hair today, gone tomorrow

It’s a myth that laser hair removal doesn’t work on those with darker skin types. You’re simply looking at the wrong tool!

An IPL (intense pulse light) machine is often used for hair removal as it’s trained to zap darker pigment like hair follicles. It’s most successful when used on pale skin with a dark hair colour as, the greater the contrast, the easier it is for the machine to differentiate between hair and skin. When your skin is darker, or almost the same colour as your hair, the machine can become confused, resulting in the formation of pigmentation or a burn.

Fortunately, a long-pulsed Nd:YAG laser at the right setting can do a great job of removing unwanted hair on those with darker skin tones. They still target melanin but enter at a specific depth that hones in on the hair follicle itself, not the skin above it.

Firm up!

One of the best ways to improve your skin’s firmness is to encourage it to produce more collagen and that’s where Titan comes in. A laser that’s suitable for any skin tone, it delivers infrared light into the deeper layers of the skin where it works to firm up loose skin in not one, but two ways.

Firstly, it heats up existing collagen which causes it to immediately contract, creating an instant ‘lift’. It also creates microscopic ‘injuries’ in your skin that encourages it to create new collagen of a period of months in a bid to ‘heal’. While that sounds dramatic, there’s no downtime and you could easily do the treatment on your lunch break.

Titan is just one of many our collagen-stimulating machines that can be used on any skin type. You could also consider Accent, TriPollar and Exilis Elite. Each will cause immediate tightening as well as have a long-term firming effect.

Having a darker skin tone doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of lasers and light treatments, you just need to pick the right one. To learn more about what’s offered at Skin Renewal as well as which are suitable for those with darker skin, visit