Epi-max launches new packaging

Epi-max launches new packaging

Emollient moisturiser brand, Epi-max, launched its new packaging in mid-May. Central to the new branding is a water droplet, which appears on all products to symbolise hydration of the skin.


?About two years ago we decided that we wanted to change the Epi-max branding and started working with ad agency Whodunnit?? says Annemi Strydom, business unit manager of the Pharmaceutical division of Genop Healthcare. ?Our aim was to create a brand new, crisp look for Epi-max that would elevate the packaging to the level of more expensive, competitive brands. As a result, our new packaging is much more sophisticated and minimalist in style than before.


? Epi-max was originally formulated by a group of South African and Australian dermatologists who were looking for an alternative to either greasy intensive skin emollients or aqueous type cream formulations. Epi-max is based on the principle of cetomacrogol cream, scientifically formulated to provie an efficient and effective general emollient for dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis that delivers on its promise. The cream, which is found in dermatologists? offices and clinics, creates a protective barrier, ensuring that water does not escape from the skin.

(Report by Joanna Sterkowicz) Source: Professional Beauty. www.probeauty.co.za

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