No Sun TAN Products

No Sun Tan Products have no, Parabens, Sulphates, Phthalates, Triclosan &is not a sugar based tanner. 100% Look Great guarantee!

Having a healthy sun tan all year round is desirable for most people wishing to look their best, however many people have concerns regarding the health and safety of exposing themselves to the Sun on a regular basis. Recently there has been a spate of negative press concerning the harmful effects of UV light, prompting an interest in alternative, safer methods of tanning.

How Does UV Light Affect Us?

UV light causes the body to produce melanin (a sun tan), however the same UV light can damage DNA and alter the amount and types of chemicals that skin cells make. It also increases the amount of free radicals in our system. These free radicals cause a chain reaction in the body which leads to cell damage and even cell death. As a result, we contribute to premature aging and may even increase the risk of skin cancer.

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