Bella Lash’s Brand New Nebulizer!

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Bella Lash’s Brand New Nebulizer

We are SO EXCITED to finally launch our Nebulizer!

We have taken our sweet time finding the eyelash extension product that is BEST for you! We didn’t want to waste your time or money on a product that isn’t the best quality. To be the best, you need to use the best.


Designed specifically for lash artists, the Lash Nebulizer provides the perfect amount of moisture to cure eyelash extension adhesive. It features an ultra-fine mist that keeps you in control.

The nebulizer initiates the polymerization process without bleaching the lashes with too much moisture. Much more refined than the traditional nano-mister, the Bella Lash Nebulizer offers medical grade quality to your lash application.


Why is our nebulizer so amazing?


It has the finest mist

Our nebulizer breaks down the water particles and produces an extremely fine mist, rather than spitting out water like other products. The fine mist gives you more control because there are no water droplets potentially damaging the fresh set you just applied.


It helps cure the adhesive

The ultra-fine mist makes for optimum adhesive polymerization. Normally, after eyelash extensions are applied, a client should wait 24 hours before getting them wet, with a nano-mister, they are okay to get wet after 12 hours, but with our nebulizer, extensions are safe after 6 hours.


It is medical grade

This nebulizer is used in doctors’ offices to treat patients with breathing issues. The high quality of this product ensures the perfect finishing touch to a beautiful set of lashes.


It uses tap water

Instead of purchasing distilled water, you can simply pour fresh tap water into this nebulizer for it to work perfectly. Helping you save time and money all in one step.


Clients love it!

The mist is so soothing; clients rave about it! It helps their skin feel nice after a long lashing process.


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Bella Lash SA
Tel: 011 025 5787   Cell: 082 922 7647

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