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Social Development

MatsiMela Home Spa started out as a home grown business in 2005, with a handful of staff. Since inception of the brand, our staff complement has grown to over twenty-five. Empowering women and men to be self-sustainable has been our main aim; to allow them to nurture and grow in their respective positions.

Skills development and training is important and our skills levy contributes to staff being better trained and uplifted within their respective positions.

From administration and manufacturing, packing and retail to management –our predominately women driven compliment is inspiring.

It is said that for every one person employed, another four family members benefit from this employment. It can therefore be said that we are making a difference to over one-hundred people within MatsiMela alone.

We source and obtain all our raw materials through South African based companies that in turn support local farms that produce our beautiful African Ubuntu oils and extracts. Our suppliers source oils from over thirty farmers throughout Africa and surrounding islands. They work from grassroot levels, working hand-in-hand to develop sustainable, commercial supply of high quality oils.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: is taken into consideration to ensure sustainable Bio-trade – if done the right way – crops can yield. With this new-found knowledge and understanding of biodiversity, friendly harvesting and conservation practices is being passed to producers.

SOCIAL AND CULTURAL IMPACT: is also extremely important with our main supplier, seeing first hand evidence of women, who through Bio-trade, feel more empowered as they gain greater financial independence – the producers are better able to meet their basic needs necessary for day to day survival, for example being able to send their kids to school thereby breaking the cycle of generational poverty.

MatsiMela products are functional, practical and cost effective and are associated with well being and pampering in the privacy of a spa environment in one’s own home.

In our journey moving forward, MatsiMela will continue to source natural ingredients from rural communities, in our effort to support and grow upliftment projects within Southern Africa.



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