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As a leading distributor and manufacturer of professional products to the aesthetic industry, Spa and Salon Solutions continues to provide the South African market with various high-quality health and skin care products.  And it’s done it again – the latest addition to its exclusive repertoire is the JESSICA range of exceptional natural nail care products, which have been developed to focus on the anatomical foundation of the nail.

Jessica Cosmetics was founded in 1978 by Jessica Vartoughian, an immigrant from Romania who enrolled in a Los Angeles beauty school at a young age to simply find a vocation – and who progressed to opening the first nails-only salon in the world and becoming known as ‘The First Lady of Nails’.  Focusing specifically on nails and manicures only, Jessica’s beauty philosophy has always been to concentrate on the anatomy of the nail and to treat nails from their foundation.  This philosophy has driven the creation of Jessica Cosmetics and included various nail products that emphasise natural nail care from deep within.  The belief that nails must be cared for and maintained in the same way as the skin, as well as recognising that all nails are different requiring individualised solutions, has ensured that Jessica Cosmetics has become the premier nail company present in over 60 countries.

Spa and Salon Solutions is excited to bring this philosophy and these products into the South African beauty market.  Included in these offerings will be the GELeration and Phēnom ranges which both include a variety of collections and colours.  GELeration is a next generation soak-off gel nail system that is now used in salons worldwide.  It has been created with the nurture of your nail in mind and thus offers protection for your nails while simultaneously allowing weak, bitten or problem nails the opportunity to grow and strengthen underneath the gel.  GELeration nail treatments provide perfect nails for three to four weeks with a long-lasting high gloss shine ensuring a durable, non-chip finish.  GELeration has super-fast drying times and can be also be removed easily after a ten to fifteen-minute soak.  Spa and Salon Solutions will be offering the GELeration Neon Lights and GELeration Sheer Delights collections, the former including audacious neon colours and the latter including more French Manicure and natural style colours.

Jessica’s Phēnom range is a revolutionary polish that acts like gel, drying quickly and lasting for up to ten days, while also removing easily like polish.   The secret to this range is the combination of a flexible polymer in vivid colour polish and a photo initiator in finale shine topcoat.  These elements react together when exposed to natural light to produce a tougher, chip-resistant polish with superior gel-like shine.  Phēnom actually becomes harder and shinier over time simply with exposure to indoor and outdoor natural light.  These remarkable benefits are built in the Phēnom #instastyle and Dancing Queens collections.  The #instastyle collection was developed to provide versatile colours which can complement your entire wardrobe, including Neutral Slate Blue, Dusty Rosewood and Tawny Taupe.  Alternatively, the Dancing Queens collection brings bolder and more playful colours, inspired by the disco frame of mind of the 70s.  These include a bright sparkling orange (She’s Got Moves), a shimmering purple with magenta undertones (Do The Hustle) and an iridescent hot pink (Last Dance).  Regardless of preference, you are guaranteed of a superior gel-like shine manicure that is tough and long-lasting.

Jessica has revolutionized the global nail space and South Africa can now have access to this versatile, superior and individualized approach to nail care and beauty.



As a truly South African brand, Milk Solutions continues to consolidate itself as a leading provider of professional, purpose-made manicure and pedicure products for South African hands and feet.  Its specifically formulated products combine traditional and non-traditional beauty ingredients with advanced scientific technologies and processes to provide treatments for all types of skin and lifestyles.  Now, Milk Solutions has taken its development a step further by establishing its Inner Circle of comprehensive home care retailers, thereby enhancing service, delivery and care to the customer.


The concept of the Milk Solutions Inner Circle originated in an effort to appropriately acknowledge various retailers and traders who are wholeheartedly committed to, and actively promote, the Milk Solutions brand.  Traders register for membership of the Inner Circle and by virtue of such membership accrue benefits including comprehensive Milk Solutions offerings for their customers, mitigating risks of carrying high levels of retail stock, salon listing on and increased exposure through all Milk Solutions social media and marketing campaigns.  In addition, Inner Circle traders receive monthly complimentary product training for nail technicians as well as monthly guidance on branding and promotions.

These unique Inner Circle benefits, seemingly only trader-specific, also provide the customer with significant advantages.  Inner Circle members are able to provide the latest, quality treatments for their customers, while also guaranteeing superior treatment results.  Furthermore, clients can purchase their own Milk Solutions products through Inner Circle retailers, which are then dispatched directly from Milk Solutions to the client in an exquisite personalised gift box, within two to three working days.  These purchases are all tracked and linked to the Inner Circle member salon’s account.

The Milk Solutions Inner Circle concept takes the brand’s offering of targeted in-salon and at-home beauty products and treatments to the next level, by ensuring that customers are nurtured by dedicated and professional retailers who are experts on the Milk Solutions products.  These products come in four ranges including hydrating and healing Milk and Honey, refreshing and reinvigorating Fruit, anti-ageing Garden, and the Professional range of targeted treatments.  Inner Circle members are thus able to provide for the full spectrum of South African skin concerns for hands and feet.

Milk Solutions continues to ensure the delivery of effective, visible results that actively address the variety of hand, feet and nail concerns experienced by South Africans, and its Inner Circle innovation clearly contributes to this core objective.

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The Milk Solutions brand is renowned for providing the South African beauty market with professional, purpose-made manicure and pedicure products.  By combining traditional and non-traditional beauty ingredients together with advanced scientific technologies, its exclusively formulated products offer beauty solutions for all types of hands and feet.  One of Milk Solutions’ latest offerings is its Sole Saviour Kit which contains a combination of products aimed at providing a professional and comprehensive heel peel treatment – all in the comfort of your own home. 

The Sole Saviour Kit contains three products in a silver bag namely Heel Balm, Softening Lotion and Callus Care Cream, all of which come in 50ml containers.  The Kit can be used independently, or in conjunction with professional heel peel treatments in-salon.

Callus Care Cream contains sodium hydroxide which is extremely effective at removing dead skin, but can unfortunately also be dehydrating to the skin. Continued moisture is therefore essential. Which is the reason why it is so critical to use together with the Softening Lotion and Heel Balm. The former, which contains milk and honey, glycolic and salicylic acid and shea butter, works effectively to break the aggravating cycle of hard skin build-up and assists with deep moisturisation, while the latter assists with sealing moisture into the heels. The Callus Care Cream should be applied at night followed by the Heel Balm and the Softening Lotion during the day.

For consistently soft, smooth and healthy heels, it is advised to have an in-salon treatment every two week for six treatments, while the homecare combination should be used daily.

Should the client prefer to only treat their feet at home, there is the option to use the Callus in a thicker layer over the feet and leave overnight. The Heel Balm and Softening Lotion is then to be used during the day.

Naturally, there are added elements to the in-salon heel peel process, which begins with the feet being sprayed with the Milk and Honey Refreshing Foot Spritz, containing ginger to effectively mattify the skin.  The Callus Care Cream is then applied and left for ten to fifteen minutes, after which the dead skin is carefully scraped off and the feet filed with a foot file. If the nails are to be painted, the therapist would, at this time, cut and file the nails and prepare the cuticles.

Otherwise the feet are exfoliated with Milk and Honey Exfoliating Cream, followed by a cleansing and soothing soak in the Milk and Honey Softening Soak.

A skin sealing wax is then applied – a unique product applied in heated form and left on the skin for ten minutes while the feet rest on the pedi pool.  The wax then slowly melts with one’s body temperature, and thus easily dissolves into the skin, with any remaining wax being massaged into the feet, unlike other waxes which usually have to be removed.

True to form, Milk Solutions has again provided a comprehensive and holistic approach to a very common South African skin concern.  With the Milk Solutions Sole Saviour Kit, we are guaranteed of providing the right food for the soles.

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